Estey Opus 2525
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Welcome to our site devoted to the Estey Opus 2525 Pipe Organ, installed on or about July 1, 1926.

Manufactured in Brattleboro, Vermont by the Estey Organ Company, this organ was donated by Laura Bass in honor of her husband John Bass. "...the organ (and the building) is eminently worthy of preservation and restoration.  


The organ is essentially 100% original, right down to the "chimney type" heaters in the blower room and chambers, and most of the mechanicals are in restorable condition.

Blown by a Spencer Orgoblo of about 2 HP (three phase), it has ventil chests, a little unification and some tubular pneumatic action (mainly for offsets). It has non-speaking facade pipes in a typical arrangement for a 1920's instrument. The really amazing thing is the "Estey Luminous Console" is complete -  and many of the lamps still light.